July 22, 2013

Back from Vacation!

I’m Stephanie, a wedding + lifestyle photographer based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Warrenton, Virginia. Whether I’m by the mountains of Colorado or Virginia, my soul feels at home, surrounded by rural living and the raw beauty of nature. I genuinely love what I do, and feel so passionate to share the enthusiasm and joy of these celebrations with you!

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So sorry for the delayed blog post today as I have been trying to spend sometime trying to get my internet back up and running at home. As you all know that technology is not 100% perfect all the time. 🙂 Thankfully, I’m back online and time to dive into business work!

Let me just say that having a vacation was SO needed! It probably did not come at the best time of the year being that it is such a crazy season, but I cannot explain how wonderful it was to be able to relax and run away from everything for a week. As you all know, Kyle and his wonderful family took me to Chincoteague for the week at the beach and it could not have been more perfect! As if I could not be more in love with my man, he proves me wrong every single day as he surprises me with his kindness and thoughtfulness! 🙂 Although being a fabulous vacation from beginning to end, I got sick during the second half of my vacation and have been trying to sleep A LOT the past few days to get rid of this mess and this nasty cough. 🙁 Luckily, I was able to reschedule sessions this past weekend so I can heal up fast and be ready for their sessions with 100% attention.

Because of taking a week off from all business work, I also boldly put aside responding to emails … so today, I will be tackling my emails … and it is a scary pile! Thank you all for your patience! I will be getting back to you ASAP as I hope to get through it all today!

If you did not see the sneak peek yet, Jeremy and Hope had a GORGEOUS wedding last week that I will be sharing this week on my blog! 🙂 Cannot wait to show you all the photos because they are so dear to my heart!

I hope you have a great week and I hope that everyone gets to have some sort of vacation this summer … even if it is a stay-cation!



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