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August 23, 2013

Breaking Away and Returning with a New Perspective

I cannot tell you how hard it is to schedule time away … away from technology and work. Sometimes I forget how to relax and enjoy time with my loved ones. So finally, I decided to not take sessions (exception of the one beach session) and RELAX for one weekend away with Kyle! 🙂 We made the excuse to use that weekend as a celebration of his birthday, but really it was so we can not schedule any work and actually spend time with each other since we have pretty hectic lives. Now, the plan was to go to the beach in Nagshead … but when the last second came, we soon realized that we were on an adventure for a spontaneous trip! How fun is that? We left for Chincoteague knowing that we had the session to attend Friday evening … thankfully, we threw in our camping supplies thinking that we could stay or just leave anywhere. Well, as I said … it was a spontaneous trip, so we thought why not camp for a couple nights at the beach!

After the beautiful sunset session Friday evening, I met up with Kyle at the campsite where everything was all set up and he had dinner just about ready to put on the fire. Who would have thought that bringing birthday leftovers would be an amazing thing to reheat over a fire?! The dinner I made for him was amazinggggg as we had the menu of: watermelon stuffed with feta and mint for an appetizer, hot and fresh homemade nut bread with butter, tortellini with fresh herbs and cheeses paired with a lime-basil chicken! AMAZING! Oh and for dessert, I made a homemade berry-orange cake with a vanilla bean frosting. So we definitely had to bring this along on our camping trip!

The following day, we ventured out the beach … even though it was cloudy, it did not stop us from enjoying the shore! 🙂 After realizing that we were pretty cold on the beach, we decided that we needed to do something active! So we rented bikes for the day and went on a ride around the island along with a game of mini golf … of course! SO much fun!!! I will embarrassingly admit that it was my first time on a bike since probably early high school? I could not believe it has been SO long … that when I first got on the bike, I forgot how to turn confidently. Oh wow, how embarrassing! Thankfully, instincts kicked in and I got the hang of it and acted like that never happened. Haha! Now I’m looking into investing into an ADULT bike now that I have officially outgrown my bike at my parents … to say the least.

After two wonderful days and nights of camping, we packed up our stuff Sunday morning and headed down to Williamsburg to tour Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown Battlefields.

Gosh, venturing back to Yorktown Battlefields brought back happy memories from one of my all time favorite engagement sessions, with Jess and Derek! 🙂

You better believe that as soon as i got home … I could not WAIT to hug and squeeze this little thing!!! Missed Pixie so much as it was our first time separated while her moved into my new place. Seemed like she entertained d herself pretty well as I am missing three peacock feathers in my living room decoration vase. Hmmm… bad kitty! Although she was looking quite cute Monday night when we returned and all snuggled on the couch. 🙂

It was great being able to walk around without having to think about checking my phone for emails or work! I barely touched my phone all weekend and I cannot explain how amazing that is!!! Although, I definitely paid this week after getting back to work on Tuesday … catching up with edits/emails/packages/finances/blogging/etc. But I am in a new spirit! 🙂 I am feeling rejuvenated and ready to catch up with my workload! Before this mini vacation, I allowed myself to become beaten down with my workload … it was defeating me. I was allowing myself to become weak. This was a huge issue and I was frustrated with myself. I know I have been overworking myself, yet I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere and I was stuck. I allowed work to pile up from the time I started moving my office. But after leaving and going away for a few days and coming back to a COMPLETE office space, I feel like a new business woman ready to conquer and move forward! 🙂 Every business owner needs to go through a bit of doubt to hit new highs! And that is where I want to head … to a new high in my business! New goals … new strategies … new and improved systems … organizations … deadlines … I am on my way to a new improvement! I look forward to seeing the growth and watch this time benefit my mentality.

Bring on the last and final months of 2013 to end on a high note! 🙂 Thank you all who lift my spirits!!!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Enjoy a safe and fun weekend! 🙂


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