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October 8, 2013

Travis & Megan | Hartlands Orchard, Virginia Engagement Photographer

I met these two at Harlands Orchard on a hot day in October … can it really be this hot in October?! No way! I turned off the AC in my house when I noticed that it got down to 62 degrees a couple weeks ago and decided to turn on the heat for a split second to bring it up again … and then this past weekend I had to turn back on the AC because it was 76 degrees inside! Can I ever win? Lol! Anyways, Travis, Megan and I met at Hartlands where I was super pumped about their session because after meeting Megan at my house for our initial meeting, I knew that they were going to be a fun couple to photograph! Megan is SUCH a sweetheart very down to earth while Travis is the protector and very go with the flow. I had Travis admit that he was not much for photos … wait … screech … HOLD UP … not into photos? Let’s change this … now. 😉 I will so though that I get a lot of grooms who say this before our session together. My favorite part of the session is at the end where I ask the groom have I changed his mind about photos … Majority of the time they are pleasantly surprised that it was not as what they anticipated. Okay, that is a positive thing! Moving in the right direction! Haha! I am so glad that even with Travis not agreeing with a camera in front of him, I was able to capture their authentic personalities! More importantly, Travis was able to go with it and make Megan laugh and smile throughout the entire session. 🙂 These photos really speak value to who they are as a couple together! And of course … they are SUPER cute! Common’ look at them!

Oh… and of course, Travis and Megan brought me up to an overlook that was seriously BREATHTAKING! The significance of this overlook is where he exactly popped the big question! Seriously, my jaw dropped as soon as we pulled up to the scene! See it for yourself! 🙂

**** Travis & Megan’s love story ****

Travis and I have know each other for about 15 years. We both grew up in the same church that we still go to. His parents were actually my Sunday School teachers when i was younger. Which is still crazy to both of us to this day!! 🙂 
Our friendship started when we both started serving in the youth group at church around the same time, but were both in a relationship. Somehow we both ended up single within days of each other and he didn’t waste anytime haha 🙂 At youth group during the game time with the teens, we were both put in charge of a team.Travis was talking all this big game about how his team was going to win and I wish dishing right back! He finally was like lets bet on it. I asked him what the bet was… His response was “time.” When he said that it took me back a little and all i could do was smile!  His team won of coarse, so the next Monday he took me on a date. I had never talked or laughed with someone as much as i did with him!! I was glad he won my time! 🙂 
We dated for 4 months when he proposed on August 4, 2013. Some people say that’s a short time. But when you know, you know. And I knew! The day i got home from my family vacation I was blown away by how beautiful the day was. Everything about the day was perfect!! Travis told me had to walk all the way to the look out point on the mountain where he lived and was gonna make sure it happened. I went along with it and was a little curious about why we HAD to go up there. When we got up there it was breath taking!! Nothing like I had ever seen. We were standing there talking when he told me that he never wanted to spend his life without me and he knew he loved me and wanted to be with me forever the night of our first date. There were butterflies in my stomach!! It was like something you read in books!! He had his arms around me when he said “Honey, will you marry me?” He opened his hand and there was my gorgeous ring! First thing i thought was “OH MY GOSH!!” I covered my mouth shocked, started tearing up and turned to him and told him that OF COARSE I WOULD!!!! 
When I think of how crazy it is to us that we actually getting married the only thing that comes to mind is that this all is God’s doing! And i thank him everyday that I get to spend the rest of my life with someone as amazing as Travis! 🙂

Thank you SO much Travis and Megan for a fun session in the orchard!!! It will not be long before we will be having your final meeting and then… WEDDING DAY! Enjoy the preview of your photos!!!! xoxox


Wow Megan, you are gorgeous!!!


Gorgeous views!


Super cute!


Rocking IT!




One of my favs! 🙂




You guys look so professional!


Another fav!


Beautiful lighting!




Love this!




Where he proposed! 🙂






Kudos Travis!




CONGRATS Travis and Megan!!! xoxo

  1. This is probably my favorite session of yours, ever! The tones, the poses, the location…you did a great job, Stephanie!

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