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October 11, 2013

Expert Shield Review

Today, I thought I would give a little recommendation to those who are looking for a better protection solution for cameras, IPhones, etc. When I first bought my Nikon D700 and D800, it came with a protective cover for the screen. This is great but not very attractive. When looking at the screen, it is a basically a film that sits on top of what I want to see. There are times I want to take a photo of the back of the camera (oxymoron, right?!) to post as a little teaser of a session on my Instagram … well, found that I would need to take the protective screen off in order to get a good enough photo because of it looking not true to coloring and clarity. Another downer is that it collects dust and dirt under the screen, so I am having to take the screen cover off to clean.

There is an easy solution to this! šŸ™‚ I was presented with the Expert Shield not too long ago and it has really made me happy to look down and check a photo to really see my coloring contrast and clarity. What I thought was great was how easy it was to apply it to my camera! They give very straight forward instructions so it was simple and painless! I remember back in the day when I was trying to protect my IPod and the process to apply the covering was soooo difficult because of the bubbling that occurred. I did not see any bubbles when I applied Expert Shield to my camera which was a relief! Not only that, but it fit perfectly on the screen. They are completely custom to your camera size … and the package does not only come with just the protector for the back screen of the camera but also a little protector for the setting screen on the top of the camera! Thoughtful!

Here is a before and after photo to show the difference of the bulkiness!





I LOVE that it looks like there is nothing there … but I’m still protecting the screen without the bulky cover! I have a screen protector for my D700 and my D800 as well as my IPhone! Now, I’m looking into investing one for my new D4 camera! Wohoo! I love that I’m not paying a ton for this product either! Very simple solution that will ensure that you are taking good care of your equipment … which of course I’m all about taking care of my equipment and have the best experience using it!

And for those who did not see recently, but I invested in a Nikon D4!!!!! SO excited to start using it for sessions and weddings! šŸ™‚ Eeep! Such a scary thought that I did this … but my momma says that if this is my DREAM job and passion then I need to invest and give the best to my clients! I’m hoping to make a lot of changes over the next six months, especially now that I am FULL TIME! šŸ™‚