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December 3, 2013

The Morgans | Hartlands Orchard, Delaplane Virginia Family Photographer

It is ALWAYS an honor to have another photographer approach me about doing their photos! This session would be my first time meeting the incredible Randi and I was thrilled and honestly scared at the same time! It can be intimidating honestly but as soon as I met her kind spirited family, I was immediately at ease. She speaks so kind and gentle and has a smile that can light up any room! I immediately saw that in her family as well! Her husband carries the same spirit as Randi and don’t even get me started on her three darling children … oh my goodness! I felt like I knew them in the first five minutes! Once Chloe jumped out of the car, she immediately handed me two beads and told me that I need to hold on to them and place them on a shelve in my office. As promised, they are sitting next to my computer where I will always cherish their beautiful session memories and meeting this beautiful family! šŸ™‚ Chloe (the oldest) was super energetic and loved asking me questions and chatting! When we walked from one space to another, she would grab my hand like we have been best buds for longer than 30 minutes! Haha! Genevieve (the middle child) was more to herself, but my goodness was she ADORABLE! She loved being silly but was absolutely precious as once in a while I would turn around and she would be on the ground looking for the perfect colored apple. She learned very fast that the ones that were browning were “icky”, lol! Then there was little Quinn! She was a walking machine! So funny to watch a baby want to be independent and roam around. The tricky part was that she did it so well! Haha! Her smile with the few growing in teeth she has is just the cutest (as you will see below)! šŸ™‚ Getting to know this wonderful family makes me want to do more family sessions! šŸ™‚

Thank you Morgan family for a warm welcome into your lovely family! If you are ever in need of newborn portraits, definitely contact Randi through her business, Honey and Child Photography! She is beautiful inside and out and produces amazing newborn portraits! šŸ™‚ Enjoy the preview of this family! xoxo


Aww precious!




So cute! Quinn wanted to venture around for a little bit.


Love this Genevieve! Lol!


Cute girls!


This. Is. The. SWEETEST!


One of my all time fave family portraits! Lol!


Play time with the girls! šŸ™‚









Adorable family!



Super adorable!








  1. Jen Gulley says:

    Cutest family ever!!! Such a beautiful session. You captured their sweet family moments perfectly.

  2. Caroline says:

    Hi Stephanie! Your photographs are so amazing seriously! I am a high schooler, and have been interested in photography for awhile. Not very good yet, but your pictures make me want to keep trying. However I was wondering how the lighting on your photos always turns out so nicely? Do you use the shutter priority always? Also how do you capture those cute moments on camera when the people don’t expect it? Is there a setting to make your camera shoot faster for that? Just curious how I can get better! Seriously so inspired by all the portraits! Thanks

    • Hi Caroline!

      Thank you for the sweet comment! šŸ™‚ I set my camera in manual and determine the most appropriate settings of ISO, Aperature and Shutter Speed at that particular location based on the lighting. And in order to capture those precious moments, I have to be quick on my feet and my finger! Haha! I set my clients up and allow my session to be driven by those candid moments. You’re so sweet! Thanks again for your comment!

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