June 12, 2014

Nate & Theresa | Virginia Beach Engagement Photographer

I’m Stephanie, a wedding + lifestyle photographer based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Warrenton, Virginia. Whether I’m by the mountains of Colorado or Virginia, my soul feels at home, surrounded by rural living and the raw beauty of nature. I genuinely love what I do, and feel so passionate to share the enthusiasm and joy of these celebrations with you!

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There are times when timing is out of your hands. Unfortunately, Monday was that day for me. I built in PLENTY of traffic time to head down there and after I thought I was right on time, I came to a halt. That one halt did not move for an hour! I felt trapped and helpless. After months of planning for this engagement session and they shut down the road right in front of me! I had no where to turn but to only drive straight ahead as the 3 mile long tunnel sat in front of me. Everyone had their cars turned off and even some people were out walking around. I’ve been in traffic before but nothing ever to this extreme. Come to find out that there was an accident that held up all lanes to shut down the road and of course it took an hour before they let us go through. At that moment when I finally had the chance to put my foot onto my gas pedal my heart started racing figuring out how we went from having 1.5-2 hours of playing on the beach to only barely 30 minutes by the time I arrived. My heart was broken… But I could not let my broken heart interfere with this session because I had a mission to accomplish! I was determined that we would make the absolute best of what we had before us. Despite me arriving SUPER late, these two were SO incredibly positive of the situation and made it easy to get the shots I was envisioning. 🙂 I could not have been more pleased with the little time we had together. Because we had an uncontrollable situation come before us, I offered to photograph a part 2 of their engagement session to finish up their session time, but this time at a winery! 🙂 Cannot wait to photograph these two again!

late_augustNate & Theresa’s Love Story
from Theresa’s point of view

Nate and I are high school sweethearts and met while in high school. We dated for about 3 years in high school and then completely cut ties and went our separate ways in college. After 3 years of not seeing each other or talking, attending colleges in different states, and having in-between relationships, Nate contacted me and we went out on a date.  It’s been 3 and a half years since we officially started dating…AGAIN 🙂 and now we are getting married! Eek!

Nate had a wide variety of engagement ideas, but in the end decided to do something simple and sweet, and involve my very close-knit family.  He was kneeling in the hallway of my house when I got home from work, and all my sisters (all four of them! –I’m the eldest of 6) and my mom were around us filming and taking pictures.


Thank you Nate and Theresa for playing around in the sand during the short time we had together! It was SO great getting to chat with you both and hearing how you fell in love with each other at this very place. 🙂 Looking forward to your part 2 session!!!! xoxo

nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-1_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-4_webGorgeous!
nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-2_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-5_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-12_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-16_webnate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-14_web Beautiful Theresa!
nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-19_web Cute!
nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-21_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-23_web Love!
nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-24_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-28_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-30_web Seriously?! You two are adorable!!!
nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-31_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-35_web My heart just melted. 🙂
nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-38_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-42_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-45_web Stunning!
nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-47_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-51_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-52_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-59_webnate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-60_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-67_webLove this!
nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-65_web LOVE!
nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-71_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-73_web nate_theresa_virginia_beach_engagement_photographer-78_webThanks Nate and Theresa for an amazing time at VA Beach!!! xoxo

  1. Lauren Swann says:

    Steph, these images are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love them!!!

  2. Connie Anderson Zapiain says:

    These are beautiful!

  3. Cookie Lee says:

    These look so good! Lovely couple

  4. Ummm I am LOVING these – I think the later afternoon and evening light was SO perfect for this shoot so you could have the lights in the background – that’s one of my favorite places to shoot!

  5. Caitlin says:

    i LOVE this session! love all the shots with the ferris wheel in the background- so fun and summery

  6. Erin Wheeler says:

    Wow- the lighting is just gorgeous! It looks like it worked out and you arrived at the right time! Can’t wait to see more!

  7. Sherri McGrath says:

    So happy for you!

  8. Nastja says:

    What a lovely couple. 🙂 They look so happy and relaxed in front of your camera. Great job <3

  9. Dani says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors and the backdrop. The post processing is perfection!

  10. Debra Lapp Joram says:

    All the pictures are absolutely beautiful!! Of course it helps that Theresa is so beautiful and Nate is so handsome.

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