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January 9, 2015

Christmas Portraits | Personal


I realized I never posted these Christmas portraits of my family and the photos Amanda captured of Kyle and I! I cannot say enough how blessed I am to be surrounded by these amazing individuals! All so different, but a beautiful combination that make up my heart. Eleven years ago, I remember my family and I taking a family photo together in a studio … you know, “place hand on your mother’s right shoulder”, etc. Since then, it has been challenging to gather for a photo since we all went in different directions with college and … life! I made it a point that a family photo was going to happen on Christmas and make it a tradition! I have so many clients of mine who return every year for family photos! If they can make it happen, so can my family! Although, I’m not going to lie … it was HARD dragging my family out for a photo! It’s worth it because now we have a photo to remember this past year. 🙂

It’s SO easy to allow time to pass by, but I urge that we all take the time to capture these current moments before too much time has passed. I regret not having family photos in the eleven years we overlooked. I didn’t even realize so much time passed until I sat down and figured the math. I know a lot of us are still making 2015 resolutions … make this a resolution to have family portraits taken before the end of the year. 🙂 I love looking through photos to see the growth and changes over the years. Even though many of us can be discouraged to be in front of the camera due to insecurities, don’t EVER let that keep you from documenting your life. We not only document these memories for our own sake, but for our children, our children’s children, our children’s children’s children … you get the point! Document your life! Your story is worth being told for generations. <3

stephanie_messick_warrenton_virginia_photographer-2_webI love my family so much!
Stephanie Messick Warrenton, Virginia PhotographerMy love and I. <3 <3 <3
Stephanie Messick Warrenton, Virginia PhotographerI admire him so much!
Stephanie Messick Warrenton, Virginia PhotographerMy lovely parents. <3 This is adorable!
Stephanie Messick Warrenton, Virginia PhotographerEric came home from college with a rug on his face! What is this?!
Stephanie Messick Warrenton, Virginia Photographer


  1. Linda Hvizdo says:

    I love your family too! Beautiful!

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