June 5, 2019

Johnny & Amanda | Heritage Hunt Country Club, Virginia Wedding Photographer

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I cannot believe Johnny and Amanda’s wedding day is already done! It wasn’t that long ago when we were getting pumped up for June 1st. After their fun engagement session at Stone Tower Winery, I knew they were going to show that same joyous attitude on their wedding day. πŸ™‚ Even though Amanda said there was SO much to do just a couple weeks before the wedding, they pulled everything off as if there wasn’t any bit of stress! Amanda told me that she unfortunately checked the 30-day forecast and she regretted doing so because she couldn’t undo what she saw. HAHA! Rain was forecasted for Saturday for even the week of the wedding … But look how beautiful this turned out to be below!!! SO happy for them! However, now I wish I didn’t know that the weather could be predicted so far out because now I’m tempted to check… AH! πŸ˜‰

Together, Johnny and Amanda are fun, genuine, and easy going … But they (AKA, JOHNNY) also knows how to pull a good prank! During our final meeting, they requested for photos by the oak tree so I made it happen the day of the wedding! But while we were out there, the venue coordinator, Tessa, warned us that golf balls might fly in our direction so she advised standing close to the tree for coverage. While we were getting ready for a set of photos and carrying on a conversation, Johnny yelled … “GOLF BALL!!!!!!!!!!!” All of us had the look of horror looking up in the sky! HAHAHA! Too bad he pranked the PHOTOGRAPHERS not to have that horrified look documented! Well, done, sir.

So I put that prank aside, forgave Johnny, and continued to photograph their celebration without any grudges. πŸ˜‰ Not only do these two know how to make things fun (especially when it came to salsa dancing time during the reception β€” YAS.), but they also know how to hit the soft part of everyone’s heart! As soon as the doors opened during the ceremony … WHEW. I couldn’t hold back the tears. Thank goodness I could see enough to take photos! Between the anticipation, the music, and Amanda’s entrance to the ceremony was beautiful! And don’t even get me started about their last dance together of the night … GOSH. I needed a box of tissues. I won’t spill too much before you have the chance to go through the photos, but I hope you enjoy seeing their day through my lens! πŸ™‚


When I was first checking out the bridesmaid dresses, I thought, why does that look so familiar … It’s because I wore the SAME exact purple bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding years ago! And the coincidental part is that my friend’s name is also Amanda!!

Cute name for a bottle of perfume, especially for the wedding day!

Just LOOK at that smile!!!!! Amanda was beaming in her custom wedding dress!!!

I love that Amanda and Johnny were true to their style when it came to the graphic design work for their wedding stationery! So unique and cohesive with the reception details you’ll see later in this post.

Love the florals!!!

Amanda gave her girls fun boxes filled with goodies like perfume, a bracelet, and lotion. Johnny surprised Amanda with a bracelet and necklace to wear on their wedding day. <3

Everything started to set in, ESPECIALLY once she read Johnny’s card to her. πŸ™‚

A couple of floors down in the hotel, Johnny was prepping to see his bride!

Amanda gifted these personalized cuff links to Johnny β€” What I love about this was the engraved text is Amanda’s handwriting! So impressed!

Johnny gifted each of his groomsmen stylish boxes (wouldn’t expect anything less!) with fun socks, cologne, cigars, and aftershave balm. Gosh, the men have it SO easy the day of the wedding with time to relax and play around … HAHA!

We made our way 10-minutes down the road to Heritage Hunt Country Club to let Johnny and Amanda have a moment together. And that reaction says it all! Johnny was genuinely stunned! <3

I love the laughs and smiles in ALL of these photos!!!! What a happy day!

SOOOOO… This might have been from right after the PRANK Johnny pulled on us.

“GOLF BALL!!!!!”

They requested this photo holding up photos from their childhood years, and what was funny was when Amanda said they weren’t sure why there were smiling behind the piece of paper while I took the photo! HAHA!

Love these!!!

There wasn’t a time when they weren’t wearing a smile around each other. <3

Let’s pause the blog post for a little behind the scenes singing action with my couple… JK.

Then the wedding party came out to join us!! πŸ™‚

Look at them sporting their fun socks!

I love that excitement!!!

So while the girls were having their group photos done, the Johnny was able to take a pizza break. HAHA! Naturally, photobombing the photos. πŸ˜‰

During the time the men weren’t needed for photos, you could find them around the corner playing poker! Love this photo Tori captured of them!

Amanda admitted she was freaking out before her time to walk out those doors for the ceremony!

After the men lined up at the ceremony, Johnny went up to each of them to say thanks for being there. What a guy!

Then it was time for Amanda to walk down the aisle… As soon as those doors opened with the music, I couldn’t stop crying with everyone else!

Amanda’s momma met her at the start of the aisle to walk her down the aisle. πŸ™‚

What a PERFECT day!!!!!

And their vows were so sincere!!! I love these two together!! SO MUCH!


Amanda and Johnny took a moment to celebrate with loved ones right after the ceremony was done. What was special about this moment was Amanda met her half-sibling for the first time!

After a bunch of family portraits, we ran around for a hot second to capture some newlywed photos. What’s fun about this time is I get to say “stand next to your… HUSBAND” or “WIFE” for the first time while taking pictures!!!! πŸ™‚

Candles were lit and the reception space was ready to welcome Johnny and Amanda’s family and friends to start the party!

Love the clean look of the room!

Look at those desserts! YUMMMM!!!!

They carried the modern look from the wedding stationery to the reception by the use of the table numbers and thank you card on each plate setting. I love the napkin fold they did to create a flower! I wonder how long that took!!!!

And the table assignment cards were designed with that modern look too!

I love the cascading flowers!!!

Johnny and Amanda created their very own throne on the stage … Hey, Johnny and Amanda! Was this in dedication to Game of Thrones? πŸ˜‰ HAHA! #legit!

The party started with introductions and soon enough the bride and groom were welcomed to have their first dance as husband and wife!

The speeches were straight from the heart and beautiful!!! Johnny and Amanda are amazing people and are so loved!!

Johnny’s dance with his mom was emotional. <3

But soon after, the party was kicked off with CAKE!


And a full floor!!!

Lots of salsa dancing!!! Gosh, I wanted to join everyone!!!

Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” came on as their last dance together … I got emotional photographing this!!! They gazed into each other’s eyes while Johnny whispered the lyrics, “I don’t deserve this, you look perfect tonight.” Cue the tears nowwwwww!

Loved this day with Johnny and Amanda!!!! <3

The perfect ending to the night! And the sparklers happened after all!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ YAY!!!

Thank you, Johnny and Amanda, for everything!!! I’m so humbled you had me by your side to document your love story. I love your love for each other β€” SO inspiring!!! Thank you for being fun, real, and just so darn sweet! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them! <3


Thanks to the vendors who made this happen!!!

Venue: Heritage Hunt Golf & Country Club
Wedding Coordinator: Zaakira Harris Details Made Simple
Hair and Makeup: Best Face Artists
Caterer: Heritage Hunt Golf & Country Club
Photography: Stephanie Messick Photography
Second Photographer: Tori Watson Photography
Florist: JP Wedding Flowers
Baker: Edibles Incredible
DJ: Black Tie Entertainment
Stationery: Beacon Lane Wedding Invitations
Dress: Martina Liana Elegance By Roya
Officiant: Chris Lutyk
Photo Booth: Black Tie Entertainment
Transportation: A-1 American Limousine
Lighting: Black Tie Entertainment



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