January 7, 2020

Meet Amelia | San Diego, CA Portrait Photographer

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I have to start this post by disclaiming that newborn photography is not my specialty, which is why you primarily see couples and families on my website. šŸ˜‰ HOWEVER, the gift of life is by far the most beautiful gift from God. So, of course, I had to make an exception for my niece! Amelia and her parents have a very special place in my heart, and when she made her big debut on November 15th. I could hardly wait to get behind the camera! Soon before we know it, little Amelia won’t be so little anymore. Even seeing the most recent photos of my niece flashes me back to these pictures taken of her about a month ago.

Alex and I flew out to San Diego last month to spend time with family. It always so surreal for Alex to see his twin brother, Andrew, as a father! My sister-in-law, Kate, has been a true supermom from the start. She had always dreamt of being a mother, and she’s rocking it!!! Of course, though, it’s HARD work, but Amelia is so beautiful and healthy. We are all very grateful. And thank goodness for technology, Alex and I can stay in touch and watch her as she grows up from across the U.S. (thank you, Marco Polo!). From her first words, surfing with her dad, singing with her mom, and just being a kid, we get to watch her story over unfold over the years to come. 

Speaking of Amelia saying her first words, Alex and I also LOVE that Kate started her own business called, Blossoming Speech! Kate is a certified speech pathologist and recognized the need for online resources. She just launched a brand new series on the blog called, “Learning with Amelia.” Everyone will have the opportunity to watch Amelia learn how to talk with her mom with specific strategies. How unique!! Be sure to follow along HERE as well as her IG (@blossomingspeech) and FB!!!

A Note to our Niece.

Little Amelia, you are going to grow up to be the perfect mix of your parents and family. Smart, beautiful, strong, adventurous, witty, musical, and so loved! Uncle Alex and Aunt Stephy cannot wait to see the girl you will grow up to be over the years to come. It’s amazing we have the privilege of watching you grow up from day one to our final day on this Earth. We love you so much and cannot wait until the next time we get to see you!!! XOXO!

Welcome to the world, precious Amelia! <3

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