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March 31, 2020

Why You Should Print Your Photos

Why You Should Print Your Photos | Living Room TV with large wall prints

How do you see yourself looking back on your photos 5, 10, 20 years from now? I had to ask myself this question too. As we have seen, floppy disks, videotapes, DVDs have phased out. I cannot believe I’m admitting my age when I noted “floppy disks!” HA! But the truth is, soon USB drives will phase out. Then what? I provide my clients with an online gallery but realistically how often do they go in and admire the moments documented from their special occasion? Honestly, it can be overwhelming because there are hundreds of photos! When it comes down to it, having tangible items is the best way to display and be reminded of your precious memories and relationships. So today, I want to share the importance of why you should print your photos!!

And here is a bonus!!! I am also sharing how Alex and I have personalized our home with wall prints, canvases, and albums so you can be inspired. 🙂

Here are the Reasons Why You Should Print Your Photos

Why You Should Print Your Photos | Prints and Albums

The Value in Printing Your Photos

What is the value of a print worth to you?
It’s priceless!

We have come a far way since the 90s and early 2000s. Maybe I have more of an appreciation for a well-lit photo because this is what I do for a living, but I think we are all naturally drawn to that!

After getting married last year, I saw how couples/families might not get around to printing their photos. For a while, I was SO busy after my wedding that I let the digital images sit on the cloud for months without looking at them! Don’t get me wrong, Alex and I LOVE our images soooo much. Shout out to our friend, Anna! Photography is an INVESTMENT, and we must display those precious memories around our home to cherish them even more so than sit on a USB drive or the cloud.

There is so much VALUE in photography, especially printed photos. In fact, I met another photographer a couple of months ago who lost her home to a tornado. She said the most valuable thing to her was her family (of course) and the photos she lost. Everything else didn’t matter. At the end of our lives, what will matter the most to you in this world? Our relationships! What reminds us of those valuable relationships? Photographs. How can we be reminded daily? By displaying pictures in common areas of our home (the living room, hallway, and the kitchen are all great places to start)!

Alex and I decorated every single room with prints because we see…
1) We are loved by family and friends.
2) Our passion for traveling.
3) Reminders of the past.
4) The beauty of this world inside our home.
5) Just the start of a beautiful collection throughout our lifetime.

Are you starting to see why should you print your photos?

Why Wall Prints + Canvases?

Because We Need to be Surrounded by What Matters Most

When you think about your values, or what matters most, do family and friend relationships come to mind? For me, absolutely!!! Especially since I don’t get to see them very often. But when I walk around my house and glance up and see a photo of my grandmother, I am reminded of the memories we have shared. Isn’t that funny how a simple photograph can do that? This goes the same with kid portraits. Children have a way of growing like weeds! By having beautiful photos taken of them and hung around the house from different milestones can be a beautiful reminder. The years go by so quickly, and we must cherish every opportunity to document it!

Should you Purchase a Matted Frame?

YES! I’m all about matted frames because I love seeing my photographs displayed around my house like fine art. Compare a framed photo with a white mat around it vs. just in a frame, the picture with a mat POPS way more and elevates it from a casual appearance.

What Color Frame?

I base this decision on the room you’re decorating. For instance, in my white living room, I decided to use a black frame with a white mat to pop against the paint. In my royal blue bedroom, I went with a white/light brown frame with a white mat to lighten the space. If you have a light grey wall color, I personally love a white frame with a white mat! Alex and I also have a light blue color scheme in our home and actually love the black frame! It really depends on the color of the paint and the items surrounding it. 🙂

My Favorite Print Type?

I personally print my photos in either matte or lustre. Why? If I’m framing a picture in a glass frame, I don’t want to add more shine from a glossy print. So I am a huge fan of the matte prints!!! 🙂 But if you’re looking for vibrant coloring, then glossy is the way to go!

How to Style Wall Prints + Canvases in Your Home

Why Should You Print an Album?

It’s an Heirloom Beyond a Lifetime

Imagine when you’re older, opening your wedding album and sharing the stories from your wedding day. Emotion overwhelms you as you think back to your young love. You are reminded of the vows you made at the altar, the family and friends who came for you, the details that made your wedding so personal, and the unique moments that occurred throughout the day. What a precious gift for generations beyond our very own to show where your love began! By connecting a story to a photo, it becomes instilled in your children’s memory, and they will have a narrative to share in the future, so your love lives on beyond your lifetime. How amazing is that?! 

After your wedding day, you’ll be blessed with hundreds of photos. Speaking from personal experience, it can be quite overwhelming going through your entire wedding gallery from a computer. This is why printing your photos are so important. By having a professional or myself (if I photographed your session/wedding) help you design/print an album, you’ll have all of your favorite pictures showcased in a beautiful layout! This will ensure you’ll have an heirloom to cherish early in your marriage and be passed on for generations to come. Talk about passing on your legacy! 

What’s even more priceless is using it to continue connecting your marriage for years to come. My challenge to each couple is to use each anniversary as a connection date. Pull out your wedding album and experience your best day all over again each year! You’ll be surprised how this can reconnect your love, even after 50-years! It’s an investment of many lifetimes, and that’s priceless.

How to Style an Album in Your Home

Style it on a shelf with other books that are neutral color tones. Add a vase of flowers and you have a styled shelf! 🙂 You can also keep the album on a coffee table when guests visit so they can glance through it! It’s a great way to entertain guests as you chat about fun stories from the big day. Otherwise, the best protection is to keep it in the original leather case that my albums came in.

This is why you should print your photos! 🙂 I hope you found this encouraging and valuable!!