May 12, 2020

4 Must-Read Marriage Books

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4 Must-Read Marriage Books

Whether you are single, engaged, or married, there is so much knowledge out there in this world to help us connect. And when we think about our life, we just all want to be loved. But so many of us feel love in different ways! This is why opening our hearts and minds to the knowledge out there can be so beneficial to understand each other … and more importantly, ourselves. Today, I have my top 4 Must-Read Marriage Books and I hope you indulge if you haven’t read one of them! Especially during this quarantine time. šŸ™‚ I would also love to know what is a book you would recommend to this list as well!!!

4 Must-Read Marriage Books

1. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

I cannot rave about Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages book ENOUGH. The best part about this book is that it can apply to any relationship ā€” Family, friend, significant other, etc. I read this well before meeting Alex when I was single and found the information so incredibly helpful years later. It helped me identify the type I am ā€” words of affirmation! Because Alex knows this, he does a great job genuinely sharing his compliments and appreciation. šŸ™‚ I’m so grateful for this book sharing this part of me so Alex knows how to “fill my love tank!”

And if you’re intrigued, The Five Love Languages dives into five different types…

Words of affirmation
Acts of service
Receiving gifts
Quality time
Physical touch

Which type do you think you are? Definitely pick up this book, learn about each type, and take their quizzes!!! It’s so good!

Because I believe in this book so much, this is a little gift I give to every client who books my services. šŸ™‚ Like pictured below! But because I’m a fan of pretty packaging, I give them the special edition which is SO PRETTY!!!!

4 Must-Read Marriage Books

2. The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller

I remember walking into Alex’s apartment on one of our first dates and seeing Tim Keller’s The Meaning of Marriage by his bedside. Gentlemen. Take note! If you ever want to impress a lady, have this book! Haha! But on a serious note … Fast forward to when Alex proposed to me, he gifted me this book for us to read together as we prepared to tie the knot. šŸ™‚ I told my friends about it and every single one of them who read it PRAISED about this book! Even though I read The Meaning of Marriage about a year ago, it is on my list of books to reread! It was THAT good! I also believe that it’s one of those books to reread as our marriage continues to evolve and grow over the years because the messages will speak to us differently. šŸ™‚

4 Must-Read Marriage Books

3. The Bible

You want to read all about relationships, I cannot think of a better book to recommend than the Bible! We love because He first loved us. <3 You can even find daily devotionals through the Bible app that will specifically guide you through sections pertaining to love and hardships.

4 Must-Read Marriage Books

4. 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam’s 168 Hours book might be considered a stretch for this blog post, but I actually find it very appropriate!!! She dives into strategies on how to better your lifestyle so you find more time for things that matter. Like your relationship! Especially to those who have the love language of “quality time,” you’ll really love this! Most importantly, by prioritizing your schedule to make it less stressful, can really impact your relationship in a positive way. This is why I recommend this book!!!

4 Must-Read Marriage Books

I hope you enjoyed looking through this list!! They have helped me in so many different ways, spiritually and mentally! I hope you find a book on this list you are encouraged to read during this quarantine season!



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