December 8, 2020

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown

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We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown

It has been since August (!!!!) since I last shared a pregnancy update! As you can imagine, a lot has happened! We are currently 38-weeks pregnant and in the home stretch as we anticipate his arrival … ANY day now! 

It’s a weird time because as real as it should be, especially looking around our home, it still doesn’t feel real that we will have a baby! Why doesn’t it feel real? I’ve gone through the majority of this year pregnant, which is a slow-growing process. So you would think that by now, that reality would have set in? But because our baby has been one with my body since March, I have no idea what to expect when he comes out! To think that his kicking legs and punching arms inside my tummy will be the limbs I’ll be holding and squeezing soon is SOsurreal. 🙂 

What is even more magical is going through this final journey during the Christmas season. <3 Praising God for His goodness every single day. Every day that He gave us the ability to love, forgive … to even give us the ability to raise His sons and daughters. We cannot wait to raise our boy to know the Lord and teach him about His promises!!! God is so good and faithful, and we praise Him every day for our answered AND even our unanswered prayers. His plan is greater than anything I could ever imagine, and I have to remind myself of that when giving birth to our son. <3 Thank you all for your love, support, and encouragement over these past nine months! 

We cannot wait to meet our sweet boy, and cannot wait to introduce him to the world!

First Trimester | Second Trimester


Looking through these bump photos, there’s much more progress compared to the first and initial-second trimester!!! Don’t you agree??!

Our Maternity Portraits

Thank you, Rachel Graham Photography, for documenting this time for Alex and me. <3 It’s so special having these photos taken in Florida while we live here!!!

Dress by Baltic Born

Pregnancy Moments


One of the greatest highlights of my year … LIFE! People were skeptical whether I would be able to handle the altitude change, distance, and quick elevation gain while 30-weeks pregnant. I DID IT! My body totally surpassed even my own expectations and conquered “strenuous” hikes in the Grand Tetons!!!

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown

Glamping in a safari tent in 30-degree temps!!!

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown

Sight-seeing the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks and even making friends with a little chipmunk!

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown

Quality time with family, hikes, and four-wheeling in the “Wyoming outback!” Four-wheeling is probably not advised to do 30-weeks pregnant, but GOSH, it was soooo fun!!!!

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown


Gosh, this guy amazes me!!! Alex helped so much making our boy’s nursery cozy and perfect! I cannot wait to share the results with you all. 🙂 We love the National Park theme in his room because we know he will be our little adventurer!

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown

Date nights together, sleeping in, and long baths are all considered “prepping” for the baby!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown

To say we have been hustling the past few weeks is a bit of an understatement… Looking at this master checklist, we conquered a LOT!

✔️ Finish up business for the year!!
✔️ Pack hospital bags (mom, dad, baby, + snacks)
✔️ Clean car + install the car seat
✔️ Set up nursery
✔️ Declutter/organize home
✔️ Wash all baby clothes + organize in drawers
✔️ Wash throw blankets, cushion covers, rugs around the home
✔️ Clean out refrigerator, freezer, + pantry (leave room for milk in the freezer)
✔️ Make 7 freezer meals
✔️ Talk to family about visiting/expectations
✔️ Take baby classes
✔️ Enjoy a prenatal massage
✔️ Schedule dog sitter, house cleaner, and grooming appointments
✔️ Decorate for Christmas (but keep in mind you have to take it down with a newborn so don’t go overboard) <= Whoops!
✔️ Buy/ship Christmas gifts for all family
✔️ Sleep, take long showers, and go on a date!

* Set up stations: breastfeeding, diapering, and mom self-care
* Prep diaper bag
* Create a labor playlist??

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown
We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown

Anyone who knows me during some “downtime,” knows I love to create! I worked on a few projects in preparation for our little guy! Here is a sneak peek of some digital watercolors from photos Alex and I took on our travels!!!

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown


Fortunately, I’ve managed to stay pretty active all throughout this pregnancy!!! Ollie REALLY enjoys our daily 2-mile walks too! He benefits from it, especially after the vet said he needs to lose 8-pounds. 😉 HA!

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown


Oh, gosh! I was SO upset dealing with this hurricane… Alex had to rush off to work in the middle of a flood/tornado and I had to be left alone to take care of the house. Talk about scary!!! And then when we did yard clean up after the storm, I picked up a pile that had a SNAKE hidden in the brush! Fortunately, it fell from my hands and slithered away… but oddly enough, I’ve never had a fear of snakes until I got pregnant! I’ve had SO many snake nightmares… WEIRD!

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown


No “real” cravings… but give me all of the fruit!!!! And since pregnancy is a time to eat whatever I want, it was my excuse to indulge in treats like a donut. 😉 YUM!

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown


It was so interesting spending the Holidays in Florida. Although, it’s definitely cooling down a lot which reminds me so much of Virginia. 🙂 But it’s nice being able to celebrate Thanksgiving and then go to the beach the next day! Haha!

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown
We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown


We’ve managed to check out some local gems before the baby arrives!!! I love exploring new places with my best friend, and I cannot wait to do it as a family in the near future!

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown


Grateful for family and friends back in Virginia. <3 Baby boy Schloe is set!!

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown

Grateful for snuggly pets!!!

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown

Our home away from home!!! We cannot thank our Florida church and military community enough for everything! <3 I understand that it won’t be like this every base we go to in the future, so I’m soaking these friendships in while I can!!!

We are Having a Baby | The Final Countdown

Most importantly, I’m grateful for

1) God’s miracles. His hands create the most miraculous masterpieces! I’m grateful for this life that is GROWING inside of me! <3

2) The most caring, supportive, loving husband. He has been my rock throughout this entire process, and I cannot wait to see him take on the role of our son’s father. <3

Thank you all for your support and encouragement over these past nine months!!!! It’s officially the “final countdown!!!”




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