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November 19, 2021

Corbin & Sara | Washington DC Monuments Engagement

Corbin & Sara | Washington DC Monument Engagement

While it’s November, I’m still getting through sessions I photographed in August! Can you tell it was a busy time?! Haha! Corbin and Sara’s Washington DC engagement session with the iconic monuments was one of the last sessions of the summer. Being that it was DC in August, I’m SO glad we chose to meet in the early morning! One was that we didn’t have crowds to workaround! But also, it wasn’t quite as hot as it would’ve been much later in the day!

When I met up with Corbin and Sara by the Tidal Basin, I was excited to photograph them! I mean, aren’t they one GOOD looking couple?! And I loved their clean and classy outfits that contrasted so well against the white marble backdrop. As you can imagine, they made my job easy!!! Of course, the session would not have been complete without their fur baby!!! Learning about Ace’s younger life reminded me SO much of my husband’s college dog. He now lives the KING life with Alex’s grandparents and eats steak for dinner! Haha! Dogs are a part of the family, so I’m glad that Corbin and Sara wanted to include Ace in their engagement portraits. <3 So sweet!!!

I cannot wait to photograph Corbin and Sara’s October wedding at Keswick Vineyards! Until then, I’m glad we got together to celebrate their engagement because their big day will be here before we know it!! YAY!

Corbin & Sara | Washington DC Monument Engagement


from Corbin’s perspective

Sara and my story started the 2011/2012 academic year in college. I was entering my third year at Radford and Sara was entering her first. It is difficult for me to recall the first time I saw Sara on campus. But what I do remember is that once that happened, I knew I wanted to talk to her. 

When the spring semester started, I began seeing Sara a lot more walking to and from class. Eventually, I figured out that she lived across the street from me. I found myself timing my trips to class hoping to cross paths with her, but never being able to muster up the courage to talk to her. Sara is the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, but when she’s focused or her mind is elsewhere she can have a pretty intimidating look on her face. On the one off occurrences we did pass each other I found myself time and time again getting cold feet. It’s important to note that by no stretch of the imagination am I shy person. 

Fast forward to end of the spring semester, I had virtually failed on all fronts… Besides a few small talk conversations here and there, either on campus or out and about. I believe fate plays a large part in any love story. The summer following the 2011/2012 academic year, I accepted an internship about thirty minutes from campus. And one of my best friends, Michael Kallam, was staying for summer semester. The first day of classes I got a text from Michael I will never forget: “you won’t believe this, Sara Jones is in my summer class”. That summer would end up being the best summer of my life. 


from Sara’s perspective

Last January, Corbin packed up his car and headed out of town to visit his mother for the weekend. My girlfriends thought it would be a perfect time for a girls’ weekend. Due to Covid restrictions, it could be very difficult, but we got lucky and an outdoor igloo at District Winery was available! We spent the afternoon sipping wine and were ready to head to our next destination. When I suggested we call ahead, my friends assured me it would be fine and that we should walk there along the water.

Right as we were beginning to cross the picturesque Navy Yards Bridge, we spotted a good friend of Corbin’s who is a photographer. Assuming he was there for a client photoshoot, we approached him to say hello. All of a sudden, I noticed a group of our friends approaching in the distance.

Confused as to what was happening, I turned around to see Corbin crossing the bridge towards me with a small box in hand...

Finally realizing what was happening, I began to cry. With a big smile on his face, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. As I said yes, our friends began to cheer and champagne bottles were pooped open! It ends up my “spontaneous” girls’ weekend had actually all been prearranged by Corbin with my friends and family in on it. Believing that he was actually hours away, I was completely shocked. We all spent the rest of the day celebrating and I am so grateful that our friends got to be there to share in our special day. It was a wonderful proposal and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!  

Thank you!!!

Thank you, Sara and Corbin, for getting up early for your engagement session and run around the beautiful Washington DC monuments!! You two are SO stinking adorable together, and I’m beyond honored to be your wedding photographer – I cannot wait to hang out with you two again SOON and celebrate your big day!! And thank you, Lindsey and Josh, for connecting us!!! 🙂

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