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September 6, 2022

Olympic National Park, Washington Adventures

Olympic National Park, Washington Adventures

It feels fitting to share some of our recent adventures around the Olympic National Park in Washington after featuring Brendan and Caroline’s Seattle engagement session! 🙂 We started our adventures in Seattle and then drove a rental car out west to escape the city and get into nature. Worth it!!! Check out our travels below!!!


We walked SOOOOO much in Seattle! And we must have walked past the infamous Space Needle ten times. HAHA! It was a whirlwind of a few days, but found little spots around the city that we enjoyed. Like…

Kerry Park to view the city from afar (it’s quite a surprising uphill climb from downtown *HA*)

Monorail Espresso

Olympic Sculpture Park (great indoor area to bring a little picnic lunch and enjoy the AC)

Of course you cannot leave Seattle without visiting the Public Market, the first Starbucks, and the Space Needle!

Mariners Baseball Game

Discovery Park (although, I love the Bluffs more than the waterfront area)

We arrived lateeeeee one night, but took full advantage of our first day in Seattle! The majority of this list above happened that first day (it was BUSY)! The second day was more relaxed, but we got together with one of Alex’s past coworkers and decided to adventure around Discovery Park! Although we got lost in 90-degree heat (Lol!), but it was great catching up with friends! Later that evening, I photographed THIS and incredible session!! And then we were off to Olympic National Park the following day (honestly, we were ready to escape the city life too!)!

Hurricane Ridge | Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is very unique! It’s much different than other National Parks, but that’s because of its vast range of altitude and environment changes and the fact that it’s 922,700 acres! Basically, if you want to visit a certain area of the park, you have to drive in and drive out of the park because it is so big! This also means a lot of traffic! But it was worth it for these incredible memories!!

The first stop of this Olympic National Park was visiting Hurricane Ridge. We got lucky because this just reopened! I HIGHLY suggest checking out the hike, Hurricane Hill! Incredible views!!!

Hoh Rain Forest | Olympic National Park

I cannot say I’ve visited a rainforest like the Hoh Rain Forest before! It rains 12 feet a year there! Unbelievable, especially coming from Colorado. Ha! Everything is so lush and beautiful in its own way. 🙂 I haven’t seen trees like this in a long time, and if you’ll note below, the roots of these trees twist together which is so unique. Jack absolutely loved adventuring around this part of the park!

La Push | Olympic National Park

To finish up this trip at Olympic National Park, Washington (nothing like going from the snowcapped mountains to the beach … and all in the same National Park!), we stayed the night in La Push! If you’re familiar with Twilight (I personally haven’t read the books or seen the movies), La Push is known for the second book taking place there. Alex was so excited because he booked us a hotel on the shore! When we arrived, it was SOOOO foggy that you could hardly see the rock formations out of the ocean. It wasn’t until the next morning when the fog was disappearing when we could see the beauty of the area! We made the most of our time there, regardless of the weather conditions — And it turns out that the fog on the coastline is very common there which was why it was the setting for Twilight. Haha! I definitely recommend checking out which time of the year is the best to visit to avoid the daily fog. I bet it’s gorgeous!!! Jack loved it, fog or no fog!