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April 20, 2023

The Faber Family | Washington DC Memorials Sunrise Portraits

The Faber Family | Washington DC Memorials Sunrise Portraits

The Faber family and I woke up early to meet at the Tidal Basin and document this season of their life while their girl is two years old. It’s a familiar season as my son is the same age as well which made this session fun because I know how to talk 2-year old. 😉 Ha! Although, it took her a little bit of time to warm up to me, once we started really interacting and letting her “play photographer,” she quickly opened up! She’s so precious and has a sweet, beautiful personality already. <3 So we wandered around the Washington DC Memorials and took portraits at sunrise before these areas flooded with crowds!

It can be a lot to wake up early (especially for a family), but the lack of crowds and beautiful lighting makes it justifiable! I enjoyed getting to know this family in between their portraits around the Washington DC Memorials. I learned a lot about their time in Abu Dhabi, how Caleb drowned (it’s an insane story!), and their day-to-day life with their sweet little girl! One big perk of my time with my clients is connecting with them! I love learning about different backgrounds and also relating to their season of life (like with their two-year-old). I could’ve photographed her all day long, especially with “Teddy.” *Be still my heart!!!* Check out our sweet time together below!!

A Sunrise Session in Washington DC Around the Iconic Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and the Reflection Pool

Thank you!!!

Thank you, Faber family, for waking up early to document these precious sunrise portraits around the Washington DC famous memorials! So worth it to not have crazy crowds running around us and for the pretty lighting. I loved our time together and getting to interact with your CUTE little girl! <3

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