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November 3, 2023

Amanda Extended Family | Colorado Springs, Colorado Portraits

Amanda Extended Family | Colorado Springs, Colorado Portraits

On our way to the session, storms came to our surprise from the mountains. *Typical Colorado.* HA! We called each other to strategize and see if we could make this work because I was driving through heavy rain. It was Amanda’s promotion that brought everyone in from out of town, so this was a very special weekend. But with that, it also meant we had to make this work before her family flew back home. Because the storms were isolated, we just needed to find a pocket of time and a location to work around it. Fortunately, I pulled up to a nearby parking lot, and although we would be surrounded by lightning, we were going to stay mostly dry! So Amanda’s family came out to make these special portraits happen while they were visiting Colorado Springs. And I knew that meant the world to Amanda! <3

Amanda Extended Family | Colorado Springs, Colorado Portraits

I specialize in intimate family sessions, so you’ll rarely see me photographing extended family portraits. The reason is that I love knowing everyone’s names and recalling them confidently throughout the session. And it gives me the flexibility to play games with the kids for a variety of lifestyle portraits. This was an exception because I actually had availability on my schedule. I’m glad this worked out because it was a FUN bunch!! We had a lot to cover during our time together, especially with the threat of an unexpected storm. But we made it happen, even with a throwing-up toddler. 🙁 Poor girl! This might be the only time I photographed a family with a little one who was that sick — They were troopers! Naturally, we worked through her photos first as quickly as possible so she could go home and rest.

What made this session special to Amanda and her family was including her uncles. Amanda’s siblings were using Ancestry and recently discovered their father had a brother he didn’t know about! Crazy story, but they connected, learned all about his story and included him in this photo shoot. I’m glad that everyone was able to be a part of this special weekend. <3

An Extended Family Session in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thank You!!!

Thank you, Amanda and family, for having me photograph your family portraits while everyone was visiting Colorado Springs! It’s not often that everyone is together in one place at one time, and I’m glad these moments were documented for you all. 🙂 Amanda, congrats on your promotion!!!

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