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October 29, 2013

Kenny & Natasha | Early Mountain Vineyard, Madison Virginia Wedding Photographer

Where do I even start with these two… I met them at the Fauquier Springs Country Club spring season and immediately hit it off! I found myself talking to Natasha about anything and everything like we have been friends for YEARS! These two are so wonderful and I feel absolutely blessed and honored to have worked with them this year! Of course though, I don’t want it to end here as I don’t want my job to be just a job and be over with as soon as the wedding is over … so Natasha, count on more Carousel get togethers next year! šŸ˜‰

What I really love is their genuine love for one another! It was so obvious during the wedding day how much they care about each other … but I cannot explain how fun it was to see it at the reception as they ran around dancing with not a care in the world! Natasha would run out in the middle of the dance floor and grab a pair of fun sunglasses and be the entertainer for the crowd! Love that! Another fun thing is that for the processional song choice, they walked down to the Star Wars theme song! Ha! Loved it! Oh and not to mention the gummy bear cake! Ohhhh yes! Amazing! What was also pretty cool was that one of the players in the “First Class Brass” was my 6th grade band teacher! Wow … brings back the memories!

Seems like with this couple, they just have fun moments … like if you remember the fabulous cow photo bomber in their engagement session! Also they had the not so fun moment of discovering a big MOMMA wolf spider on Kenny when setting up a pose for a shot … lol! Regardless of the moment, they carried smiles and laughs from start to finish!

THANK YOU a thousand times Kenny and Natasha for a fabulous time from the time I met you to now! I enjoyed every second of your wedding and wish you both the absolute BEST in your marriage! Enjoy the preview of your wedding! xoxo

7_receptiondetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-1_web7_receptiondetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-3_web

1_preppingdetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-1_web1_preppingdetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-3_web1_preppingdetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-4_web1_preppingdetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-5_web1_preppingdetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-7_web1_preppingdetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-8_web1_preppingdetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-9_web1_preppingdetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-10_web1_preppingdetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-12_web

Story behind these rings… To the left was the ring that Kenny and Natasha bought together. The ring on the right was the ring that Kenny REALLY wanted but settled for the black one. So as a little surprise at the ceremony, Natasha bought the right ring for him! Kudos Natasha for thinking of this awesome surprise!

1_preppingdetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-15_web1_preppingdetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-16_web2_prepping > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-1_web
5_weddingparty > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-1_web

The heart is made from her grandparents robe and nightgown. I love this sentimental touch!

2_prepping > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-2_web2_prepping > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-3_web2_prepping > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-6_web2_prepping > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-7_web2_prepping > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-9_web

And then the tears started flowing…

2_prepping > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-14_web

2_prepping > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-13_web2_prepping > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-16_web

Absolutely STUNNING Natasha!!!

2_prepping > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-19_web2_prepping > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-20_web2_prepping > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-23_webKenny made these pumpkin decorations! Kudos!!!

3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-2_web

3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-5_web3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-6_web

3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-25_web

So cute! He was walking down the aisle and became blinded by the white aisle runner. Lol!

3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-8_web

Awwww! Sooo sweet! Kenny’s reaction of Natasha walking down the aisle. šŸ™‚

3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-11_web3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-12_web3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-14_web

Not a cloud in the sky!

3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-15_web3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-16_web

I noticed that Kenny would glance over at Natasha throughout the ceremony and secretly smile. šŸ™‚

3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-17_web

His reaction seeing the ring for the first time! Success Natasha!

3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-19_web

Husband and wife!

3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-20_web3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-21_web

3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-26_web

The cutest kids!

3_ceremony > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-24_web

In the middle of doing the family formal portraits … we found one of the kids entertaining himself. Haha!

4_familyformals > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-1_web

So cute!

5_weddingparty > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-3_web


5_weddingparty > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-4_web

So awesome ladies and Kenny!

5_weddingparty > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-6_web5_weddingparty > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-7_web5_weddingparty > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-8_web

Love this casual groomsmen photo!

5_weddingparty > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-10_web5_weddingparty > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-11_web5_weddingparty > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-12_web5_weddingparty > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-13_web
6_portraits > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-1_web

6_portraits > KennyTashaWedding_102013-10_web

6_portraits > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-7_web

I love your contagious smile Natasha!

6_portraits > KennyTashaWedding_102013-24_web 6_portraits > KennyTashaWedding_102013-37_web

6_portraits > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-10_web6_portraits > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-11_web

One of my favs!



6_portraits > KennyTashaWedding_102013-49_web6_portraits > KennyTashaWedding_102013-54_web
7_receptiondetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-4_web7_receptiondetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-7_web7_receptiondetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-8_web

Loved seeing their engagement photos used in a book for guests to sign!

7_receptiondetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-9_web7_receptiondetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-12_web

Gummy bear cake! The gummies were shaped to be like rock candy since that is what they originally were inquiring for. So unique and fun!

7_receptiondetails > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-13_web
8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-1_web

Ohhh yes and the tapping of the glasses begin!

8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-2_web8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-4_web

Kids are so cute!

8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-6_web

They are so happy together! šŸ™‚ Makes my heart so happy to see this!

8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-8_web8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-9_web

Dancing time!

8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-11_web8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-16_web

Love this! I caught Natasha and some friends making funny faces at one of the kids! Haha!

8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-22_web8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-25_web

In the meantime… I caught the action of decorating Kenny and Natasha’s car. Haha! Kenny was looking for his car keys later on … this might be why. šŸ˜‰

8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-26_web8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-27_web

Time to get funky!

8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-29_web8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-35_web

The final dance! It was so awesome to see everyone crowd around to watch Kenny and Natasha dance for the last time of the night!

8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-38_web


8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-40_web8_reception > KennyTashaWedding_early_mountain_vineyard_photographer-41_web

CONGRATS Kenny and Natasha!!! What a fun and unbelievably amazing day!

Venue: Early Mountain Vineyard, Madison, Virginia
Planner: Nicolette del Muro, Early Mountain Vineyard
Hair: Salon Emage
Caterer: Savory Fare
Florist: Sherry Rasnick
Baker: Dolcery Desserts
DJ: Sound Decision
Ceremony Music: First Class Brass

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