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January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap | Wedding Photographer Website Redesign

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend … and warm! Personally, I had some home troubles with frozen pipes but fortunately have that under control now. At this moment, I am at Massanutten Ski Resort for a few days! Talk about being in the cold … not sure if I’ll survive skiing in these brutal temps, but I’ll try! If that doesn’t work … tubing it it. 😉 I’m going to continue my blog postings this week because I need to stay on schedule.


The word of the year is REFINEMENT. I took a huge leap last year with my business with a new brand … packaging … website … etc. This year, I am taking all of the designs and refining and updating it to make it more classy and elegant. This weekend I took on a HUGE project of mine that I have been wanting to focus on for a year! When the season gets busy, it’s difficult to sit down and complete the bigger projects. I spent at least 18 hours this weekend … that’s including the sketching/brainstorming time … photoshop designing … narrowing down photos … refining … and finalizing. I wanted a cleaner, more elegant look to my website. So I sat down and analyzed each page eliminating and altering designs which I LOVE to do! Originally coming out of JMU with my BFA in graphic design, I thought I was meant to design. Design logos, brochures, signs, ads, websites, etc. After finding that my calling was in wedding photography, I was excited to apply my design knowledge to my business. This honestly has saved me a TON of money! Really…

Here’s a little walk through my website of my changes!

Changed the photos … can I just say it is HARD figuring out a narrowed down selection of photos to be displayed? Thousands of photos narrowed down to 20. And more importantly, I slightly changed the framing to go along with my blog framing. The delicate frame corner is elegant and simple. After applying the framing design in my blog, I wanted to carry it into my website and I love it!


Uhhh this page was a wreck before I will admit. But I also wanted to keep in mind CLEAN and simple. One of my favorite new features is the favorite link! Check out the page below this one for what I added. 🙂


This is my favorites page. It’s just a page to get to know be better and see what I cannot live without. When you hover your mouse over each photo, there is a description that pops up giving you a little inside scoop.


This area was definitely a work in process for me! Again, having to go through and choose out only 20 photos for each section was HARD! I was able to bring in navigation buttons to each “portfolio” which I did not feature before. Now it’s easier and viewer friendly! 🙂


THIS PAGE was a huge revamp on my website! When I first redesigned my website last year, honestly I rushed through making it and never went back to redesign. I wanted to make sure the design was thought out this time. 🙂 So I put together a collage of each “raver” with a little storyline of the day of some of my favorite photos. Before, I would quickly run over this page, now I LOVE it!


What’s my next project on my to do list? Well, actually right now I’m not trying to conquer one as I am in the beginning process to making travel plans in the next couple weeks. 🙂 Time off for Kyle and I so why not go somewhere awesome right before the season picks up?! But really, I’m going to try to figure out using Quicken for my finances instead of the programs I’ve been using. Hoping to give my CPA a little more ease when it comes to my business taxes. 🙂

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