May 22, 2014

The Turners | Manassas Battlefield, Virginia Family Portraits

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I’m so fortunate enough to meet so many families in my “job”. The Turners contacted me back in February regarding a spring family portrait session. When I was looking through my May calendar, I could not believe to see really how time is passing by faster than I can grasp! This sweet family was a joy to photograph from start to finish as we watched the sunset together.

So funny seeing their little girls together. It reminded me SO much of my relationship with my little sister when we were younger! It was a love/hate thing … not that I ever “hated” my sister, I just remember thinking that my sister was not as cool since I’m the older one. Lol! Oh gosh, those days of being a preteen! I was glad that I was able to capture these sweet little moments for the family because I look back on photos when I was younger and really cherish them. I know that I was not thrilled at ALL with having my photo taken, but it’s worth knowing that these shots are memories to hold on to forever. It’s not just for the present. These sisters will grow up to LOVE these kind of moments as I do now with my own siblings. šŸ™‚

Thank you Turner family for a wonderful time! Great meeting you all. šŸ™‚



Sweet sibling shot!
turner_family_manassas_battlefield_family_photographer-3_webturner_family_manassas_battlefield_family_photographer-6_webThis is adorable!
turner_family_manassas_battlefield_family_photographer-16_webOhhhh yessss … KOODIES!
turner_family_manassas_battlefield_family_photographer-17_webturner_family_manassas_battlefield_family_photographer-18_webturner_family_manassas_battlefield_family_photographer-19_webturner_family_manassas_battlefield_family_photographer-22_webThis little girl is a ball of fun! Haha! Love it!
turner_family_manassas_battlefield_family_photographer-25_webturner_family_manassas_battlefield_family_photographer-27_webturner_family_manassas_battlefield_family_photographer-29_webLove these family shots!
turner_family_manassas_battlefield_family_photographer-43_webGorgeous coloring!
turner_family_manassas_battlefield_family_photographer-44_webturner_family_manassas_battlefield_family_photographer-45_webturner_family_manassas_battlefield_family_photographer-48_webBeautiful family!

Thanks for an amazing time Monday!!! šŸ™‚

  1. Lindsay says:

    Cute! Love the ones of all of them hugging!

  2. Julia Jedynak Turner says:

    So amazing! HUGE thanks.

  3. Lauren Swann says:

    Aww I love all the black & white images!! So fun!!

  4. Suzanne Sharpe says:

    Love all of them!

  5. Cyndi Messick says:

    Oh wow … I am IN LOVE with these pictures!!! What a beautiful family, and a beautiful way to capture this moment in time. I just know they will treasure these pictures forever.


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