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June 18, 2014

Blake & Kayla | Downtown Alexandria, Virginia Engagement

I met these two at Justin & Lauren’s stunning blush and gold wedding back in March! Finally, it was their time for photos and we MADE it work. Originally, we had it set up for Wednesday … then the rain decided to come through so we postponed it to Thursday … then it rained again so we then decided to push it to Friday where it was our very LAST chance to make this work before they go off to travel … of course the weather people were calling for rain/thunderstorms but we just had to go for it! And I’m SO glad we did because God answered our prayers as it rained all before the session and as soon as we said goodbye and walked away. SO fortunate! 🙂

Blake has this way of making Kayla smile. As she got close to Blake for photos, a burst of a smile would shine through. I love that! It was so clear to me how much they love each other from getting to know them during our time together. 🙂 Super sweet and obviously smitten for one another! Blake is on his way to Texas while Kayla will be departing for London soon so even though they may be in different parts of the world for this short bit of time, they have their entire future to look forward to together! Glad I was able to spend this last bit of time with you two together before your adventures ahead! 🙂


Blake & Kayla’s Love Story
from Kayla’s perspective

Blake and I met on a Sunday afternoon. I was a hostess with the mosses;) and Blake and his friend came in to get some dinner. I set them at their table and kept making that awkward eye contact the whole night! Whoops! But right before he left he stopped me at his table, I was thinking he was going to ask me for ketchup or a refill. Fortunately he then told me I was cute and gave me his number! So of course I texted him about five minutes later! We have seen each other almost everyday since then for the past two years!

He proposed on April 26th of this year. We were going to the National Harbor for a day of shopping and relaxing and he surprised me with a room at the Gaylord Hotel! AMAZING! As we were on the balcony overlooking the atrium and river he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him!!! And of course I said YES! An unforgettable moment!


Thank you Blake and Kayla for a great time “storming” around downtown Alexandria! 🙂 Again, congrats on your engagement and enjoy the months ahead until your big day! xoxo

blake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-1_webblake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-6_webblake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-4_webblake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-3_webKayla! You are STUNNING!
blake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-10_webblake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-13_webLook at that smile. 🙂
blake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-16_webblake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-21_webblake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-23_webblake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-25_webblake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-29_webThe ghost tour was happening right where we were but that didn’t stop us from getting this shot. 😉 Lol!
blake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-31_webLove her engagement ring!
blake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-32_webblake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-33_webblake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-34_webblake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-35_webblake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-36_webblake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-38_webLove this one!
blake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-43_webSooo cute!!!
blake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-44_webblake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-50_webGorgeous, Kayla!
blake_kayla_alexandria_virginia_engagement-57_webThe shot on the left was taken 5 minutes before the shot on the right! See how fast the storm clouds came through?!

Thank you Blake and Kayla for a fun and adventurous time in Alexandria! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you both! xoxo







  1. Christina Brown says:

    Stephanie these are beautiful! Cute couple too ❤️