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January 22, 2020

Colin & Nicole | Rose Hill Manor, Virginia Wedding Photographer

You might remember these two from their garden engagement session last year, but I cannot help but think back to our coffee date when I first met Colin and Nicole. I love any chance to connect with my couples, and over a cup of joe, count me in! I adored their story as well as the sparkle in their eyes as they look at each other. 🙂 That first meeting led us to their wedding day at Rose Hill Manor.

Speaking of SPARKLE … That was exactly what Nicole hoped to see on their wedding day! I’m not sure if she really knew that sparkle also kind of meant an ice storm. 😉 But, hey! What I love about winter weddings is that Plan A will happen because no one really attempts a January outdoor ceremony in Virginia. Haha! The drenching rain/ice/wind posed some challenges as far as photography goes, especially with the minimal shelter, but we made it work!! 🙂 Most importantly, I loved that it didn’t threaten Nicole and Colin’s excitement for their wedding day, and I really appreciated that enthusiasm! As you can tell below, it really was their best day, and I loved seeing that through these documented photos. <3

An Emerald Green and Gold Winter Wedding at Rose Hill Manor

Prepping for Forever.

When I first arrived, I was in awe over how grand the manor home was. It seemed like it was purposefully built to be a wedding venue. I’m unsure of the history of the place, but it served as the perfect space for Colin and Nicole’s special day! The rain/ice was gently coming down when I first arrived, but I had hopes that it would subside for their first look. I ventured my way upstairs where the girls got ready in their bridal “wing.” I call it a wing because it was literally half of the home! 🙂 Nicole had beautiful details presented in her room that tied in the emerald greens and golds perfectly, like the engraved Mrs. Box! After Nicole had some last-minute touch-ups done with her hair, the girls piled on the couch in their cute PJs (my favorite set!!) before it was time to dress the bride. 🙂

All Dolled Up

The girls came out in their long velvet emerald green dresses that were to die for! I loved seeing Nicole’s winter wedding vision come to life, and I knew it was just the start. 🙂 Nicole slipped into her sparkly dress from Ellie’s Bridal Boutique and topped off the look with her beautiful headpiece. But as soon as the veil was secured, that was when everyone gasped! She was a BRIDE!

Before she saw Colin, she had a little gift waiting for her. Of course, in Colin fashion, he wrapped it in Santa Clause paper. HA! She read a sentimental note from her soon-to-be-hubby and revealed a pair of earrings he hand-selected for her to always remember their wedding day. 🙂 Soon after, her father walked in and immediately threw his hand on his chest in disbelief of how beautiful she looked. He actually teared up around the corner moments before seeing her. And just a few rooms over, Colin and the men were hanging out, awaiting Nicole’s signal. Colin had his details in place, and he could hardly wait to see his bride! Little did he know that it was TIME!!! 🙂

The First Look.

Colin bravely stood outside under the portico, where the wind was blowing the freezing rain in. As soon as Nicole walked out the front door, he turned around with the biggest smile on his face, in admiration, as if he disregarded how cold it was. He leaned down to hug and give her sweet kisses on her forehead. <3 Gosh, they looked SO good together!! And funny enough, I REALLY love how they can pull off a beautiful black and white photo! I’m typically a color photo fan, but Colin and Nicole pulled off both looks so well. 🙂

When Nicole pulled out her pretty fur stole, they bravely ran outside in the ice to take a few quick photos. I’m SO glad they said yes because they are some of my FAVORITES!!! <3 We timed it pretty well too because by the time we ran around the back, guests arrived early due to the road conditions. We are so grateful everyone made it there safely, thanks to Road Yachts!

Their Best Friends.

I’m not sure if there was a time I’ve taken wedding party portraits inside, but this might be the very first!!! 🙂 I’m glad we utilized their beautiful chuppah as the backdrop for their pictures because Bee Inspired Events & Floral Design did a fantastic job putting it together. 🙂 Not to mention, everyone looked sooo good. The men kept it timeless with a classic blue suit, and you know I’m a fan of the girl’s bridesmaid dresses. And the dresses paired with a classic white bouquet were a nice balance to the look!!

The Ceremony.

The velvet curtains opened, and guests piled into the ceremony room while Two Rivers Chamber Music beautifully played wedding classics. In the meantime, the “real ceremony” occurred upstairs with family and friends. Rabbi Laurie Green started the ceremony by singing and then had Colin, Nicole, and their witnesses to come forward to sign the Ketubah. After signing and celebrating, they lined up to start the ceremony downstairs with their guests. 🙂

Nicole made her way down the aisle to Colin, and that sparkle that Rabbi Laurie Green later states in her talk was so evident in their eyes. 🙂 They started the ceremony by declaring their vows. They both poked fun at Colin’s organization/cleanliness habits, but I found what Colin had to say about Nicole while they were dating was so endearing. 🙂 Colin said that he loved how Nicole started writing her name with his last name six months into their relationship, and how the day he asked her to be his girlfriend, she came back and said I love you. Haha! So cute!!

Like Nicole’s dad said in his reception speech, she manifested their relationship, engagement, and wedding day, and it all came to fruition! They both knew pretty early on that their relationship was unlike anything they had ever had before. <3


After their vows, they continued with the Jewish traditions like drinking a cup of wine under the chuppah, wrapping up in a prayer shawl, exchanging of the rings, and of course, the smashing of the glass while joyfully exclaiming, “MOZEL TOV!” I loved that Rabbi Laurie Green walked everyone through the meanings of these blessings if anyone wasn’t familiar with them. 🙂 Colin and Nicole excitingly came in for the first kiss and walked away with the biggest smiles on their faces!

The Details.

I have to start this paragraph by saying if it wasn’t for Colin and Nicole’s incredible vendor team, there’s no way all of this could’ve been pulled off in a few short hours! Bee Inspired Events & Floral Design and the vendor team ran around like ants decorating the ballroom. And just moments before the curtains were drawn back to let guests in, everyone stood back with satisfaction because they made Colin and Nicole’s wedding dream vision come to LIFE! Goodness, I still cannot get over how beautiful it was! 

I have so many favorite details too! I love the pop of emerald greens from the name cards at each seat as well as the tapered candlesticks. The high and low floral arrangements brought so much depth to the room and really fit the wedding vibe perfectly! Gold accents were used around the room, like the chargers, table number frames, candlestick holders, as well as the Chiavari chairs (those really made a statement!). They even thought about the fireplaces too by decorating them with greenery, florals, picture frames, and even some lit candles inside the fireplace (a nice touch!).

The Sweets

As much eye candy as there was in the room, there was also something else very sweet (literally) that grabbed my attention! Julie Lokitis made their beautiful and delicious cake with three different flavored layers. I feel like Colin and Nicole’s favorite choice is so them! Guess what it was … FUNFETTI! Julie also made a chocolate layer as well as a strawberry Moscato layer. I’m pretty sure I saw that all of the cake was eaten — Pretty impressive!

Along with the cut cake, Yummyworks put together an assortment of customized chocolate treats for the guests to pick at and even take home! What a fun favor that won’t be left behind because it was also devoured like the cake. If you cannot tell, the sweets were a huge hit!

The Party.

The curtains opened, and guests wandered into the ballroom with some hand-picked Hors d’Oeuvres along with their signature drinks, “The Perfect Pear” and “Something Old Fashioned” made by Gala Cuisine. The Bachelor Boys Band were rocking out to set the mood for the evening, but before the party really started, they had everyone find their seat to welcome the VIP of the night! Colin and Nicole came in and did a choreographed dance in the middle of the room. I loved that some of the moves showed off her dress while twirling. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Just before dinner started, the microphone was handed to Colin to say a few words. Goodness, it moved me hearing his appreciation for everyone coming out to support them and his gratitude towards his WIFE. Nicole’s eyes filled with tears as he talked about her in front of everyone. I love their love. <3

As you might have read earlier how the sweets were a HUGE hit, the food Gala Cuisine prepared for Colin and Nicole were equally amazing. They had food like a salad with an apple cider vinaigrette, chicken piccata, and the right balance of veggies and starches. As guests finished their plates (and even some ran back for seconds), their Maid of Honor, Best Man, and Father of the Bride came up to say a few words. I couldn’t help but laugh the entire speech Bryan (their Best Man) recited comparing Nicole and Colin to chemical elements. HA! So creative. Ultimately, his speech ended by saying that they compliment each other perfectly. 🙂

Dancing Time!

The party effortlessly kicked off when the Hora dance was announced! Everyone circled around Nicole and Colin and lifted them up in the air. They looked like they had SO much fun, but I’m sure there was also a sense of fear being lifted so high in a chair! Haha! Following the dance, the FABULOUS Bachelor Boys Band did not have any problem keeping the dance floor dancing away for three straight hours! Somehow that time flew by quickly because before we knew it, they were announcing their last song of the evening. Everyone gathered on the dance floor not just to celebrate one last time with the bride and groom, but to also send them off by blowing up silver streamer launchers! Holy moly. Those things were intense and so fun! What a way to end the night!

THANK YOU, Nicole and Colin, for giving me the honor of having me photograph your wedding day at Rose Hill Manor!!! Gosh, you two were made for each other, and it makes my heart SO happy! <3 CONGRATS and enjoy every minute on your warm honeymoon this week!!!!


Thanks to the vendors who made this happen!!

Wedding Venue: Rose Hill Manor

Planner: Bee Inspired Events & Floral Design

Hair: Alli Brill

Makeup: Michelle Smith

Caterer: Gala Cuisine

Florist: Bee Inspired Events & Floral Design

Baker: Julie Lokitis

Chocolate Sweets: Yummyworks

Band: Bachelor Boys Band

Ceremony Music: Two Rivers Chamber Music

Dress: Ellie’s Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaid Dresses: Vince Camuto Velvet Gown

Ceremony: Rabbi Laurie Green

Transportation: Road Yachts