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January 5, 2023

Rey & Caitlin | A New Year’s Eve at the Lofthouse in Colorado Springs Proposal

The Lofthouse Colorado Springs Proposal on New Year's Eve

Rey and Caitlin were visiting from Texas to enjoy an unwinding, relaxing trip after Christmas. After 12 hours of driving, they arrived just in time for a snowstorm to create a winter wonderland! Rey knew he wanted to propose to Caitlin during their mini vacation but wanted to wait for the perfect moment. That moment ended up being on New Year’s Eve! Although, it ended up being a little bit of a challenge. He found himself trying to figure out how to get Caitlin dressed up for midnight and be wide awake for his secret plans. Haha!!! I’m sure she was picking up on the hints by that point! But the smiles say it all!!! So during their stay at the beautiful Lofthouse in Colorado Springs, he pulled off the proposal!

The Lofthouse Colorado Springs Proposal on New Year's Eve

Leading up to New Year’s Eve, Rey and Caitlin enjoyed a relaxing stay at the Lofthouse. They read in the reading loft, enjoyed each other’s company and the snowy atmosphere, and ventured to the local coffee shops. Boy, that sounds like a vacation everyone needs at least once a year! 🙂 When it was time to propose, Rey blasted the countdown on his phone and stepped outside with Caitlin. He opened a bottle of champagne under the twinkle lights and held her tight before he dropped to one knee. Rey said it was a blur what he told her during the proposal (he admitted how nerve-wracking it was leading up to the big moment). My husband would say the same thing!!! HA! But he pulled it off, and she said YES!!! 🙂

Newly Engaged Portraits

I’ll admit this was the first session I’ve ever done with my contract starting at midnight — This mama typically goes to bed around 9 p.m.! Ha! It was fun kicking off the New Year with this exciting session and adorable couple. 🙂 I also think it’s impressive that they look this good at midnight (really 1 a.m. their time in Texas). After celebrating hugs, I had them cozy inside the Airbnb for some “newly engaged” photos. I didn’t tell them this, but I wondered if they had professional photos done before because they were total pros in front of my camera! Not only photogenic but also kind, genuine, appreciative souls. I loved getting to know their stories too, and hearing how a mutual friend brought them together; despite growing up in different parts of the country, New York and Arkansas. God had a plan for these two!

Looking through these photos, I love that Rey’s knee is wet from the proposal in the snow. 🙂 One of my favorite moments from these “newly engaged” portraits is when they slowly danced in the living room to a favorite song. It wasn’t a song I was familiar with, but it will be a song they will think back to the night they got engaged. <3

Also!!! I love that Caitlin has a Lindsey Leigh ring! After hearing about my recent bride, Valerie, rave about her Lindsey Leigh ring, I felt like I knew the hype about her jewelry. 🙂 Kudos, Rey, for not only pulling off the proposal but for a beautiful and unforgettable night for Caitlin! You went above and beyond to make her feel special; she deserved it! CONGRATS!!!!

A Winter Proposal at Midnight at the Lofthouse in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thank you!!!

Thank you, Rey, for having me a part of this BIG night!!! It was an absolute JOY to spend New Year’s Eve with you and Caitlin!!! 🙂 I loved checking out the Lofthouse in Colorado Springs and photographing your proposal there! I’m excited to see where your future takes you two — No doubt, it’s going to be beautiful!!!! CONGRATS!!!!

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