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November 18, 2013

Weekend Catch Up

Okay … all of that talk about going to the doc and I still have YET to do it and I am still sick. So I’m finally making the move this morning and going as I should have done last week. Over the weekend I was feeling so much better when all of the sudden it hit me and I was about to pass out from the amount of coughing I was embarrassingly doing. It has been so rough these past two weeks and I’m now ready to get over this and feel myself again. AMEN!

Besides being sick, this weekend was AMAZING! I spent majority of the time resting and sleeping, but I was able to enjoy a black tie wedding as a guest at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium with my love and his beautiful family! It. was. amazing! It’s not everyday where everyone gets to doll up for an event. The men wore tuxes and the women wore floor length gowns … the atmosphere was impeccable and the bride, Kirsten, was a princess!

IPhone quality because I thought it was appropriate to not bring my camera and allow the photographer to do his wonderful job. ๐Ÿ™‚


When shopping for a dress, I originally had a black more conservative formal dress in my hands ready to check out … and my boyfriend grabbed the red dress and dragged me to the cash register to purchase it. I was SO nervous wearing such a bold dress, but I’m glad he always makes me push my confidence up. ๐Ÿ™‚

This month was my transition into my slow season and it has been wonderful to start making the time to meet with photographers! One of them I have bumped into many occasions not anywhere close to where we live! Rebekah and I bumped into each other at the Virginia Tech engagement session as well as the Richmond wedding I had this month! Crazy timing and we just love the surprise! (curtesy of Matt for the photo of us two!).ย Last week, a bunch of photographers and I gathered in Northern Virginia at Abby’s house to just hang out and chat about business and personal life … and drink delicious mulled cider and lots and lots of goodies (thankfully I avoided over indulging as I am now getting back into my healthy habits again). So wonderful to have all of these beautiful photographers who are so supportive just a phone call away! And speaking of just a phone call away, a local photographer (Elle) and I got together for coffee last Friday to hang out and chat … how awesome it was to get to know her better as she is as sweet as can be! Love the community we surround ourselves in and blessed to have her not just as a photographer nearby but as a friend.


Need to head out to the doctor now to get better! I hope everyone has a lovely start to their work week! Just a little over a week away until the Holiday festivities begin! YAYYAYA! I just started making a Christmas list and … oh yes, the Christmas music is on in the Messick/Loch household! Have a wonderful and blessed start to your work week! xoxo

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