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October 18, 2022

Andrew & Katie | Antrim 1844, Maryland Wedding

Andrew & Katie | Antrim 1844, Maryland Wedding

Let me start off by saying that I don’t think these two could’ve found a better matched soulmate. Andrew and Katie were meant to do life together ā€” It was obvious during their ceremony and the final dance together. <3 I enjoyed getting to know them during their engagement portraits last year, but I feel like I know them even better after seeing them interacting with their family and best friends! They both come from very loving families, and I know that will reflect only kindness, respect, and love in their marriage because of it. I’m so excited to share their Maryland wedding at the Antrim 1844 with you!!

Andrew & Katie’s Wedding Day

Katie was so excited to put on her wedding dress when I first arrived ā€” But she was also excited to show me some of her sentimental details. Like an ancestor’s framed handkerchief that she was going to wear around the bouquet. Or a fake flower she pulled from another ancestor’s wedding that she wanted to incorporate into the detail photos. I could tell how important it was to capture the history from these details and create a new history for future generations to look back and appreciate! šŸ™‚

Before we even got to the first look, I probably teared up two different times ā€” Katie has a way drawing out emotion and sharing stories. As Katie’s mother brought her in for a hug, they had a moment together. She said they didn’t think this moment in time was going to happen after her mom had brain surgery years back. This day was extra special for everyone who knew the significance of her mother being a part of the picture. <3 And I’m glad she was there to attend it!

After Andrew and Katie were ready, they got together for a first look. It was so cute seeing them laughing and in awe! They were both SO excited that they were just hours away from tying the knot. šŸ™‚ We ran around the property for quick photos and welcomed their friends outside for group pictures! While we were taking photos, Katie’s aunt surprised her with a sign (you’ll see below)! And thanks to the JMU MRDs is the reason why Katie and I connected. šŸ™‚ It turns out that not only is Katie musically inclined, but Andrew of course is because he is a music teacher!! Much appreciation to both of them!

Time to Tie the Knot

Surrounded by flowers, their ceremony could not have been in a more peaceful setting. Andrew met Katie at the altar, where they exchanged sweet stories about their beginnings and what the future holds for them. I teared up listening to their vows because they are REALLY great writers/speakers (I mean, Katie writes for a living, so of course it would be great!). I also laughed because in the midst of Andrew proclaiming his love for Katie, he casually mentioned that he wrote a song about it (which totally caught her off guard)…. But only for Andrew to say, “JUST KIDDING!” I’m still laughing about it because you’ll see her reaction below. šŸ˜‰ After they sealed their ceremony with the rings and a kiss, everyone tossed flower petals in the air to kick off the celebration!!

Andrew and Katie enjoyed a little bit of the cocktail hour before the party kicked off. When the reception doors opened, guests fled into the room to settle in for a FUN night! The welcome speeches/toasts were all so thoughtful, hilarious, and sentimental. I teared up to Katie’s father talk about his deployments. Being a military wife/mother myself with the unknowing chances of Alex deploying in the near future, I can only imagine what that feels like to go through that! Her father apologized in front of everyone to Katie for putting her through all the stress from his combats. Cue the tears! After tears shed, it was time to kick off the party!!! šŸ™‚

I could go on and on about this party, but I’ll share some of my favorite memories!!

  1. The DJ and I were raving about how close knit the parents of the bride and groom were ā€” dancing together, laughing, hugging … They looked like they were all best friends!! That was a sweet sight!
  2. DANGER ZONE. Okay, who here is a Top Gun fan? Well, Katie’s father and two other friends of his were all just as cool as Tom Cruise and flew F-14s. So much respect for them!! When the song “Danger Zone” came on, Katie had her dad run out to the dance floor. He popped on some aviators, he grabbed his two buddies, and they did the infamous kneeling signal move! “AMERICA!” is all I kept repeating in my head! One of my all time favorite reception moments!
  3. One of Katie and Andrew’s friends rapped an entire song from start to finish which was very impressive!!
  4. To end the evening, Andrew and Katie had a dance alone to “Only Us” by Laura Dreyfuss and Ben Platt. It was SOOOOO sweet because they gazed into their eyes, singing the song to each other. Again, another favorite reception moment for the books! <3

Check out their beautiful day through my lens!!!

Andrew & Katie | Antrim 1844, Maryland Wedding


Katie was given the honor of carrying this very special, antique handkerchief by one of her ancestors. <3

Thank You!!

Thank you, Andrew and Katie, for having me document your Maryland wedding at the Antrim 1844!!! It was an INCREDIBLE day from start to finish, and I love how these photographs demonstrate your love for each other as well as your family/friends. That’s what this celebration is all about. <3 I know that your future looks so BRIGHT and I’m so excited to follow along your journey of marriage!!! The best is yet to be! XOXO!


Thanks to the vendors who made this happen!!

Venue: Antrim 1844

Photographer: Stephanie Messick Photography

Hair & Makeup: Heather Rea Gaines

Caterer: Antrim 1844

Florist: Victoria Clausen Floral Events

Baker: Gateau Monique

DJ: Steve Moody

Harpist: Annie Ray

Dress Designer: Eddy K Store from the Global Bridal Gallery

Officiant: Lizzy Newman

Photo Booth + Lighting: Steve Moody

Transportation: Diana’s Limos