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November 15, 2022

Evan & Britteny | Shenandoah Mountains, Virginia Engagement

Evan & Britteny | Shenandoah Mountains, Virginia Engagement

I love looking through this gallery from Evan and Britteny’s Shenandoah Mountains engagement session in Virginia! We embraced every bit of golden light during their session — The range of lighting and colors were beautiful! Although, you cannot tell, but we had a SUPER windy day!!! Britteny was smart and brought a hair brush with her — You can barely tell how her hair was whipping around. HAHA! Britteny’s mom was so gracious to come along for the ride and entertain their two pups. We managed to corral their dogs, Jax and Rusty, for a few photos. 🙂 I love when couples/families include their furry friends in their photos!! Check out their fun and beautiful session below!

Evan & Britteny | Shenandoah Mountains, Virginia Engagement



From Britteny’s perspective

We met at a charity volleyball tournament in Kansas City (the kind one goes for the friends and stays for the drinks, not the kind for coordinated feats of physical prowess…). Although our team did not make it past the elimination round (wonder why?), we did have fun hanging out, and we got to know each other. As the team disbanded, Evan walked me out to my car, where we chatted for 10ish minutes…but we didn’t exchange numbers. 

As Evan tells it, he immediately texted our friend – now the best man in our wedding – saying how cute “this gal, Britteny” was (unbeknownst to either of them, I thought Evan was pretty cute too!). And thus started a series of group game nights, trivia events and a Southern Missouri float trip – all plotted by our friend as a way to set us up. Evan even went the extra mile and made cheesecake! 

And what can we say but…it worked! Evan asked me out to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant (where it turns out we were the most casually dressed people there – who knew it would be Homecoming for the local high school?). We had lobster mac and cheese, wine and a great time. The rest, as they say, is history. 


From Evan’s perspective

After a few years of dating in COVID, we decided to go on a longer trip to celebrate. We had initially picked Japan, but due to travel restrictions still in place there, we decided to utilize the layover of our initial trip and do a week in Texas. 

The week began with leisurely wine tours in Fredericksburg and continued on to Big Bend National Park. There, I strapped 10 liters of water (read, 22 pounds!) onto Britteny’s back and we embarked on a 30 mile, two night trip into the Chisos Mountain basin (no longer so leisurely of a trip). When we reached the highest point in the Park, Emory Peak, I popped the question and it was an immediate yes! 

We celebrated that night on the East Rim overlooking the desert, while eating freeze dried mac and cheese and drinking wine out of a plastic bag, just like in the movies. (<= HAHA!)

Thank you!!!

Thank you, Evan and Britteny, for bearing through the wind and enjoying our time together! I’m so glad you chose to have your engagement session at one of my favorite spots in Virginia — the Shenandoah Mountains!!! And the sunset did not disappoint!! 🙂 It was an honor to get to know you two a little better in front of my camera before your wedding day next year. You two are a joy to be around and I cannot wait to help celebrate your big day!!! CONGRATS!!!

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