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January 8, 2015

2015 Resolutions

2015 Resolutions

It’s funny to read last year’s blog post with my 2014 resolutions before starting this posting. I said last year that I felt like I was struggling as an artist … I think it is safe to say that no matter what stage you are in, you will struggle. That’s the best part of being an artist! Well, it can also be a downfall if you were to constantly push yourself until your burnt out … What I mean by this is that as an artist, we need to figure out new strategies, plans, ideas, projects to keep us inspired to move forward. Thought I would share that quick thought before going into my 2015 resolutions. 🙂

I’m going to go over the resolutions from 2014 and see if I did exactly what I had hoped for coming into this new year…
* Continue meeting local photographers. I can say thanks to the Shoot & Share group for making this happen!
* Refine Website. Yes, I did do this but now I’m in the middle of upscaling my website. Yippee!
* Not take on any weekend sessions. Yes, I would say I succeeded in this and will continue to do so! 🙂
* Feature more of my work. Now, I don’t put this in top priority but I was able to feature more last year than I have in the past. Still not where I want to be with my workflow when it comes to featuring.
* Organize for the New Year. I definitely did this with creating my own planner and creating binders for all of my paperwork!
* Blog earlier than noon. I think I am much better about this now than I was in 2013. 🙂 It’s also the fact that I don’t have another job anymore too. YAY!
* Share support with other photographers. I was doing really great with this when it came to blogs for the first half of 2014 and then I got busy … story of my life! I love sharing my support on Instagram though!!! 🙂
* Bridal Guide. Maybe I should make this a three year project … I’ll make this a goal during these slow months. 🙂
* Create another sample album. I have created a few that I really love but now I need to figure out which ones I should print!
* Be active with social media. Check!
* Financial structure. I did well with this but I also know that I should be more frugal with my money since I want to purchase a house. This year will be better!
* Attend a workshop / conference. Pursuit 31 Conference! 🙂
* Host another workshop. I hosted a “get to know your camera workshop“! Check!
* Host a styled shoot. I hosted a JMU Alumni styled shoot! 🙂 Check!
* Shoot personal work. I guess the styled shoot counts?


* Finalize new website to be ready to publish by Monday! Finallyyyy!
* Use new “upscale branding” across all marketing tools for consistency.
* Would LOVE to have new head shots!
* Print another sample album.
* Feature more of my work during the “slow season”.
* Continue fast delivery of packages.
* Redesign / redecorate office space!
* Stick to a strict work schedule. Clock in at 8 a.m. and clock out at 5 p.m. with appropriate and necessary breaks.
* Hopefullllllly this is the year the bridal guide will be complete!
* Continue to share support with photographers.
* Attend a conference / workshop. CHECK!!!! Creative @ Heart Conference! 🙂
* Attend church regularly and pray/read the Bible.
* Make time for family and friends in my calendar!
* Constantly remember to SERVE my clients, not my business!
* Drink a lot of water, work out, eat healthy … you know, everyone’s resolution. 😉
* Travel but with boundaries of budget!
* Save up for a house!
* Pay off car! YAY!
* Start booking for 2016. 🙂

CHEERS 2015!!!!

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